024. Noel Gallagher v Adidas

Back in 2002, Noel Gallagher gave an interview to Oki-Ni on the subject of Trainer Culture. Known to be a keen collector of Adidas trainers, the interview is a great insight into someone who was into the scene when it took off in the late 70’s, but now has the means to source deadstock rarities and build an impressive collection.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Interviewer – Did you actually collect trainers yourself in the eighties?
NG – Well the only reason I collect them now, my missus has got a theory about this, she fancies herself as a bit of a psychologist. She goes “You’ve got all the money in the world, what is it with these manky pairs of old ****ing adidas trainers you’re bringing home, you’ll come in the door and you’ll go (smiling) “****ing guess what I bought today?” and she goes “what” and I’ll go “look at these” and she’ll go ” they’re ****ing falling to bits.” She reckons it’s because when we were all on the dole and we couldn’t afford to buy them, and we’d see them in the shops and you’d just think “****ing hell man” and there was no such thing as a second hand culture or second hand clothes- second hand clothes were for tramps, it was a mod thing, everything had to be brand new, so there was no second hand culture then. She said it’s probably because you grew up on the dole looking through these shop windows and now you’ve got the money to buy them it doesn’t matter if they’re in or out of fashion. It’s all the ones you go back to like the adidas “Highway” you think I could never ****ing afford them, but I’m gonna buy them now.


Click link to download the full article: Interview

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